Meeting Me

Hi, I’m Tracy! I will be honest, I have been sitting on the idea of starting my own blog for awhile now. I am not much of a writer so bear with me however, I am passionate on helping others to build and grow to become the best-version of themselves. To become the person you wish and want to be and can be. I also have interests in clean, quality skincare finds as well as stylish yet affordable fashion.

Since finding out I was pregnant December 2018, being pregnant, preparing for his arrival and being a first-time mom by myself was tough. Motherhood can be challenging yet it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling job you will have. I have learnt a lot about myself over the last two years alone and my son has really helped me clarify what I want for our life, our future.

It can feel lonely and draining balancing work life, school life, chores and parenting. I hope this blog will be an outlet for me to allow me to be expressive of my thoughts and ideas.

I’m so excited to share with you and launch this now, finally in 2021!

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